Why The Latin Healthcare Market is Growing

When it comes to the healthcare market, many experts tend to point to the burgeoning growth currently happening within the United States. As Baby Boomers retire, more healthcare professionals, hospitals, and technologies will be needed to support this aging population.

However, perhaps the most exponential example of healthcare growth may not be the United States – it could be Latin America.

Healthcare markets are booming in Latin America, with many private and foreign investors taking advantage of this market’s sudden explosion. It’s thought that the following factors contribute to the sudden rise of the Latin healthcare market:

  • Aging Population: Like in the United States, Latin America’s population is aging, with many countries experiencing the apex of its demographic transition.[1] That means more healthcare opportunities are opening up, with home healthcare, nursing homes, and medical technology companies expecting to experience the biggest growth.
  • Chronic Diseases & Obesity: Obesity remains rampant in Latin American countries; what’s more, obesity contributes to many of the chronic diseases experienced in this area. Many healthcare experts have pointed out the lack of preventative care in the market, meaning medical device technologies can help expedite the delivery of high-quality patient care while educating the population on preventing non-communicable diseases.
  • Geographical Isolation: Many populations are still isolated, making it difficult for them to access patient care at hospitals and medical clinics. Medical devices can make it easier for these populations to access doctors and specialists throughout the world, thus easing the care burden experienced by hospitals and medical clinics throughout Latin America.

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[1] http://globalhealthintelligence.com/opportunities-in-latin-americas-healthcare-sector-2016/

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