Why Sanitary Medical Devices Matter

For many medical device companies, success is measured by their outputs, not their seamless integration into a medical environment. This means that their medical devices may meet industry standards, but they rarely hold up to real-world scenarios where germs, diseases, and communicable diseases can easily spread from patient to patient.

A vital component to running a successful healthcare facility involves maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. From countertops and doorknobs to medical devices and equipment, everything needs to stand up to the rigors of constant sanitizing and cleaning.

Some medical devices fail to live up to the rigorous requirements of a hospital or medical setting, where constant sanitation is a required part of day-to-day operations. These medical devices – often in the form of tablets – slowly degrade with constant sanitation, leading to costly errors and malfunctioning equipment.

With Onyx Healthcare, however, they haven’t just innovated the medical device industry – they’re created technologies that stand up to the demands of constant sanitation.

As the leading solution for medically focused computer design manufacturing. Onyx Healthcare specializes in creating top-grade computing platforms that meet FDA and regional requirements, all while shortening a client’s design cycle. Onyx Healthcare has created medical device equipment that stands up to rigorous sanitation, making these technologies perfect for any hospital or medical clinic.

All Onyx Healthcare products have achieved IP ratings, which define the effectiveness of sealing on electronic enclosures against dirt, moisture, and other foreign materials. That means Onyx medical devices can maintain the cleanliness and sanitary conditions of your hospital or medical clinic, all while innovating the way you provide patient care.

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