Patient Engagement

ONYX Patient Engagement Solution provides tight connection between patient and healthcare resources, through:

  • Patient Kiosk.
    EHR and medication data can be access via encrypted portal with identification recognition. Visualized medication instruction and history helps increase compliance and reduce false use.
  • Service Station.
    Local healthcare provider, such as family doctors, pharmacists and professional caregivers, can monitor patient visits and instantly get contacted with the patients who missed follow-up.
  • Infotainment.
    Health information and education are delivered in a more pleasant and comprehensible way over-the-top. Interactive multimedia through HD touchscreen keep the adherence and compliance of patient.
  • Telemedicine.
    With extension kits, various examination can be achieved at the telemedicine workstation. For example, auscultation, pulse oximetry, electrocardiography, otoscopy, dermatoscopy, ultrasonography.

Less discrepancy, less re-admission.