Solution 1

Mobile Nursing

  • 19”/22”/24” Patient Rounding/Medicine Dispensing Mobile Nursing AIO Workstation-on-Wheel
  • 24/7 Continuous run time w/ hot swap batteries
  • Rapid battery charging technology  (Fully recharge 3 WOWs within 2.5 hours)
  • Clorox bleach wipe safe WOW with glove operable touchscreen
  • Wireless access to EHR for clinical workflow integration
  • Assist and enhance administration and operation efficiency
  • Remote fleet management/troubleshooting system (ORION)
  • Medical grade machine washable keyboard/mouse
  • Ideal for legacy cart retrofit and easy mobility upgrade

Solution 2


  • 22”/24” Wireless telemedicine AIO workstation
  • Clorox bleach wipe safe terminal with glove operable touchscreen
  • Compatible with all-in-one exam scope (dermatology, otoscope, iris scope)
  • Compatible with pan/tilt/zoom HD camera
  • Compatible with portable electronic stethoscope, pulse oximeter, BP monitor
  • Compatible with portable abdominal/vascular ultrasound scope
  • Compatible with portable 12-lead ECG and spirometer
  • Extend patient care coordination to post-acute care and home care
  • Ideal for virtual medical office access and remote tele-council

Solution 3

Patient Engagement

  • 10.1”/11.6”/15.6”/18.5”/22” Bedside patient infotainment system
  • Compatible with desktop/wall/ceiling mount installation
  • Compatible with coaxial TV input and multimedia entertainment
  • Clorox bleach wipe safe terminal with glove operable touchscreen
  • Improved patient satisfaction with interactive communication services
  • Compatible with intelligent nurse call, dietary management, and VOIP call
  • Ideal for patient education and entertainment distribution