Onyx Healthcare: Pioneering the Future with NVIDIA-Certified Systems

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, enterprises worldwide are establishing “AI factories,” transforming data into actionable intelligence. A crucial component of this transformation is the deployment of validated systems that support complex, computationally intensive AI workloads.

At the forefront of this movement, Onyx Healthcare is proud to be part of NVIDIA’s expanded Certified Systems program, ensuring our solutions are recognized for their superior AI and accelerated computing capabilities. This certification provides our customers with confidence in deploying advanced AI platforms from the data center to the edge.

The NVIDIA IGX Orin platform is designed for the industrial edge and medical applications, featuring robust hardware, a production-grade software stack, and long-term enterprise support. It ensures high-performance AI and proactive safety for real-time applications, from medical diagnostics to industrial robotics.

Learn more about NVIDIA-Certified Systems and the latest generative AI technologies

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