Why Onyx Healthcare is Different

Think that Onyx Healthcare is similar to any other medical device manufacturer on the market today?

Think again: Onyx Healthcare works directly with hospitals, medical clinics, and healthcare providers to develop the innovative technologies they need. That means every healthcare provider gets a perfectly tailored medical device solution, making it possible to deliver exceptional patient care.

Unlike other medical device companies, Onyx Healthcare isn’t a contract manufacturer; these companies bid on jobs from healthcare providers, farm out their services to factories, and pocket the difference. Having a middleman between the manufacturer and the hospital makes it far more likely that clients won’t get the exact medical devices they need, or the in-depth customer service they deserve.

Onyx Healthcare works directly with their clients to understand their medical device needs, then manufactures these products themselves. Onyx Healthcare specializes in creating top-grade computing platforms that meet FDA and regional requirements, all while shortening a client’s design cycle.

Onyx Healthcare can also create medical device technologies and computing platforms that are tailored to a client’s exact specifications. For example, if General Electric (GE) outsources their computer design requirements to Onyx, the resulting platform will be specific to GE’s needs – not anyone else’s.

Onyx Healthcare can even create medical devices faster than other providers. Instead of taking the typical seven years to complete a medical device, Onyx Healthcare takes two to three years, making it easier than ever for clients to get their hands on emerging medical technologies.

The end result? A better medical device that performs better and is made in less time, thus shortening the time to market and decreasing design costs.

Working directly with Onyx Healthcare makes it easier for hospitals and medical clinics to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional patient care. These healthcare providers can focus all of their resources and energies on advancing patient care and reducing readmission rates, instead of chasing down manufacturers and struggling with medical devices that don’t meet their specific needs.

To learn more about Onyx Healthcare and its mission to innovate healthcare as we know it, visit http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com/.

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