Choosing an EHR Service Provider? Read This First

If you’re like most healthcare facilities, it’s likely you’re concerned with protecting your patient records as much as possible. That’s why you’re focused on finding the best electronic health records (EHR) service provider. Working with the right service provider can make it easier to keep your medical practices safe against cyber attacks. What’s more, an EHR provider can make it easier to qualify for reimbursement for upgrading healthcare IT systems.

Electronic health records carry a number of significant benefits, especially for hospitals and medical practices with lots of patients. EHRs make it easier to create, store, and access patient information; they also cut down on medical mistakes that can be made when medical support staff have to read the notoriously indecipherable handwriting of a doctor on a patient’s record.

No matter which EHR service provider you choose to work with, consider this: you’ll also need to pick the right medical hardware to support these services. Some EHR vendors deal with software systems only – and that means it will still be up to you to find hardware that can stand tough against the threats and challenges associated with running a healthcare facility in 2017.

Onyx Healthcare is pleased to announce that no matter what EHR provider you select, our hardware can support your chosen vendor’s services. As the leading manufacturer of medical devices, we emphasize interoperability, meaning we can integrate with any EHR system you’ve selected. All hardware is certified and designed to withstand the challenges of a healthcare facility. From drop-resistant tablets to mobile infotainment devices, Onyx can supply your healthcare facility with the right medical equipment to work with your EHR provider.

Make sure your medical hardware is as advanced as your EHR software. Contact Onyx Healthcare today to learn about our medical devices, and how we can integrate with other EHR vendors. Visit http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com for more information!

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