The Best Way To Prevent Cyber Attacks at Your Healthcare Facility

It’s not just Washington that’s concerned with the rise of cyber attacks – more hospitals and healthcare facilities are concerned with hackers accessing sensitive patient information. While the hacks can range from simple one-time intrusions to massive and prolonged attacks, one thing is clear: these hackers are intent on accessing patient medical records to expose their identities and gain their financial information.

With both homegrown and foreign cyber attacks on the rise, healthcare facilities are increasingly aware that important measures need to be taken. However, it seems as though healthcare facilities aren’t moving fast enough – or even taking these attacks seriously. In a recent article published in Healthcare IT News, “only 53 percent [of security leaders] have a formal process in place to address [ransomware attacks]…Fewer than one in three organizations (31 percent) say they routinely test their security controls, and 13 percent never test them…16 percent do not have an incident response plan.”

So what does this all mean? Simple – healthcare facilities need to quickly prevent the risk of cyber attacks before sensitive patient information is exposed!

One of the best ways that hospitals and medical practices can prevent cyber attacks is to completely upgrade or replace existing computer systems. Many healthcare facilities are operating with older systems that simply aren’t prepared to keep up with today’s security demands. These IT systems leave patient records and notes completely vulnerable to hackers, who have more advanced methods for getting around systems that aren’t prepared for cyber attacks.

Onyx Healthcare – the leading manufacturer and provider of IT healthcare systems and devices – is stepping up to the plate to keep healthcare facilities protected from cyber attacks. Onyx Healthcare is licensed and approved to sell through GSA Advantage – a federal-only market. Other reasons to choose Onyx Healthcare include:

  • We’re a federally approved healthcare IT hardware manufacturer
  • We specialize in healthcare IT security
  • Our product offerings include both hardware security and software encryption

Don’t leave your IT systems – and your patients – vulnerable to online attacks. Contact Onyx Healthcare today to learn how to upgrade and replace your computer systems in time to qualify for this year’s reimbursement. Visit http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com for more information.

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