Onyx Healthcare Announces New Engineering Development!

Onyx Healthcare – the leading developer and manufacturer of innovative medical devices – is pleased to announce a new engineering development for a brand-new medical device. This device – dubbed the Dual PCIe Medical Panel PC – already looks to take the medical device world by storm, as it delivers superior performance that can keep up with the toughest of tasks.

Onyx has developed this medical computer to hold a high-performance PCIe [x16] graphic card with any other PCIe [x4] attachment at the same time. This means clinicians and medical professionals can enjoy superior graphics, high-res imagery, and lightning-fast processing speeds.

In addition to these features, the Dual PCIe Medical Panel PC will contain the following features:

  • Design capability
  • Highly customizable ODM
  • High processing and graphic ability
  • And more!

The Dual PCIe Medical Panel PC can be customized to suit any healthcare facility’s particular needs. Very few medical device manufacturers are able to customize like Onyx Healthcare can, making us the go-to provider for medical devices designed just for you.

To learn more about Onyx Healthcare’s line of products – including the Dual PCIe Medical Panel PC – visit http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com/dual-pcie/.

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