Eye-Tracking Medical Devices Can Diagnose Concussions

Concussions have been in the news for several years now, and for good reason – as the popularity of contact sports rise, more athletes than ever are vulnerable to the debilitating damage that frequent concussions can cause. Concussions can also be notoriously hard to diagnose, particularly in patients who may write their concussion off as a headache after a particularly hard hit.

While popular news has focused on football and baseball as two of the most common concussion-causing sports, the truth is that a concussion can happen at anytime to anyone. That’s why it’s important to have top-grade medical equipment that can help conclusively diagnose a concussion in mere seconds, with no room for human error.

Fortunately, eye-tracking technology has now made it possible to diagnose patients with a concussion – all with a single computer.

Here’s how it works: a patient is immobilized in front of the eye-tracking medical device, which is placed in front of his or her face. The computer instructs the patient to follow a shape for a few minutes in order to measure eye movements. Within this time, the medical device can accurately diagnose the patient with a concussion, removing room for error and improving patient treatment.

Onyx Healthcare – the leading manufacturer of innovative and customized medical devices – is pleased to be on the forefront of producing these eye-tracking medical devices. In addition to diagnosing a concussion, these medical devices can make it easier for doctors to treat patients, as well as provide patients with infotainment while they recover from their injuries.

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