What is the Press Ganey Score?

Press Ganey – a global organization dedicated to improving patient experiences in healthcare facilities across the world – has their own scoring system for determining how hospitals are dedicated to enhancing a patient’s experience from the moment they enter a healthcare facility until long after they leave. The ultimate goal of the Press Ganey Score was to make it easier for hospitals to understand the patient experience so that solutions could be implemented to improve and address any issues.

The Press Ganey Score uses data technology, validated survey methods, and rigorous testing methods to ensure that the most accurate patient experience is being reflected. The Press Ganey Score was implemented back in 1985 to some resistance; many medical professionals felt scared that an organization was carefully analyzing the patient experience. Today, many medical facilities understand the importance of the Press Ganey Score; however, some critics claim that too many hospitals are focused on improving their score, rather than improving the actual patient experience.

Onyx Healthcare can help hospitals and medical facilities that want to accomplish both of the above goals. As the leading manufacturer of patient-focused medical devices, our patient portals are designed to provide entertainment and information while making it easier for nurses and doctors to perform their jobs. Our Patient Engagement unit features a suite of infotainment medical devices that are meant to enhance a patient’s experience throughout every touch point in a hospital. Our medical devices succeed in keeping patients entertained, providing them with necessary information about their treatment, and even making it possible for them to fill their prescriptions via a digital pharmacy.

Our patient engagement units are incredibly effective at reducing turnover rate, which is an essential component to raising a Press Ganey score. After all, a patient who has had an excellent experience in a medical facility is less likely to return, as he or she received the best treatment possible.

To learn more about how Onyx Healthcare can help your hospital or medical facility raise your Press Ganey score while improving patient satisfaction, visit http://onyxhealthcareusa.com/ to learn more.

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