More Hospitals Are Going Paperless – Here’s Why

As technology grows and advances, more industries are taking advantage of all the benefits that come with going “paperless” – that is, cutting out the need for records, documents, and other paper trails. As a result, more industries are discovering the benefits that come with going paperless, including:

  • Better recordkeeping
  • Instant access to vital data
  • Smooth updating processes
  • Enhanced security features
  • Seamless storage solutions

Many hospitals and medical clinics are quickly discovering the benefits of eliminating paper records in favor of electronic ones, resulting in a sudden shift to the digital world. As the leading solution for medically focused computer design manufacturing, Onyx Healthcare has been at the forefront of this shift, making it easier for hospitals, medical clinics, and doctors’ offices to enjoy the significant benefits associated with digital recordkeeping.

Before making the decision to go digital, hospitals and medical clinics must ensure they meet important federal regulations regarding patient safety and security. Onyx Healthcare designs digital products that meet these requirements, making the transition from paper to electronics a seamless one.

Onyx Healthcare product highlights – which were recently showcased at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) industry conference in Las Vegas, Nevada – include the following:

  • Venus 22” Mobile Nursing Workstation: The mobile nursing workstation removes the burden of the traditional nurse cart by streamlining all information within an easy-to-use, lightweight medical panel PC. This eliminates the physical demand placed on the nurse, while making it easier for her to provide the patient with better care.
  • 22” Nursing Kiosk: the 22” nursing kiosk turns the traditional nurse’s station into a sleek and simple design. Nurses can quickly access patient data, medical information, appointment schedule, doctors’ notes, and even communicate with a digital pharmacy from this stationary medical PC.
  • Zeus 24” Physician DICOM Workstation: The Zeus 24” Physician DICOM Workstation provides highest performance and able to display medical images such as x-ray, allowing the physician to quickly access medical notes, patient files, pharmacies and medical images for pre-surgery planning. This sleek workstation even allows for video calls, making it possible for physicians to connect with medical professionals around the world.

Learn more about Onyx Healthcare and their products by visiting http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com/ today.

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