Report: Major Health Data Breaches On the Rise in 2016

A report released by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights’ on July 7th showed that the number of healthcare data breaches for 2016 has already surpassed 2015 numbers, making this year an unfortunate new record in terms of hackers and data breaches within the healthcare industry.

There was a glimmer of good news in this report; the same report showed that fewer individuals have been impacted by these hacks than in 2015. To put that into context, there were 37 reported hacking incidents in 2015, which affected 93.2 million individuals. So far, there have been 43 hacking incidents reported as of July 2016, yet only 2.7 million people have been impacted.

So is this good news for healthcare facilities, hospitals, and clinics – or does it reflect a new, more worrisome trend?

If you guessed the latter, you’re on target. Many healthcare experts are concerned about how focused hacker attacks and data breaches have become. Instead of hacking large-scale insurance companies, hackers are now focusing on stealing the private information of patients at smaller clinics, hospitals, and other facilities. This alarming trend means that healthcare facilities need to focus on protecting their patients’ information, as hackers are choosing to focus their attention on smaller-scale healthcare providers with fewer protections in place than, say, large-scale national insurance companies.

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Source: http://www.healthcareinfosecurity.com/wall-shame-mid-year-2016-breach-trends-a-9245

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