The Rise of the Intelligent Medical Device

At Nottingham University, Oxford University, and Warwick University in the UK, a three-year, EPSR-funded project has just been announced. The goal? To research how intelligent medical devices can improve patient care within hospitals, clinics, and private practices. More specifically, this research project “will investigate technologies to monitor patients and administer medicines or adjust treatments as necessary, using information from built-in sensors.”[1]

The research project represents a growing interest within the healthcare industry as to how intelligent medical devices could help close the feedback loop between patients and medical practitioners. Currently, medical technology takes a more passive approach, meaning healthcare providers are in a constant state of identifying, analyzing, and disseminating patient information.

With an intelligent medical device, a healthcare provider can deliver more personalized and responsive care, as this technology can continually monitor a patient’s health and deliver feedback in a way that shortens that feedback loop.

Additionally, intelligent medical devices can use machine learning to continually improve our understanding of how the body responds to certain diseases. This machine learning poses to revolutionize the healthcare industry, as medical tablets could quickly spot infections, administer medications, and even provide doctors with specific information regarding how a wound is healing underneath a bandage – without even removing it.[2]

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