Onyx Healthcare – Your One-Stop Shop For Innovative Medical Device Design!

With the Affordable Care Act under such scrutiny, many hospitals and medical centers are looking for devices and technologies that are poised to withstand these changes. Medical devices undergo rigorous testing by various government organizations to ensure they meet minimum performance thresholds and safety standards. While these standards may or may not change, innovative medical devices are still required by hospitals and care centers to deliver over and above expectations.

That’s why many of these organizations are turning to Onyx Healthcare – the leading provider of transformative medical devices and technologies!

From infotainment centers to emergency mobile tablets, Onyx Healthcare is committed to innovative design that streamlines patient care and administrative functionality. Each Onyx product is designed to answer the following questions:

  • Does it ease the burden of care for doctors and nurses?
  • Does it provide a better experience for patients, no matter what stage of care they’re in?
  • Does it allow a medical professional to focus on doing their job in the best way possible?

In addition to designing new products, Onyx Healthcare specializes in creating devices that are customized for a client’s particular integration needs. For example, a hospital might have specific requirements for an infotainment center based on local regulations. In these instances, Onyx Healthcare works closely with the client to ensure that the product not only meets these specifications but also seamlessly integrates with the client’s other systems and processes.

Our professionals work onsite to provide clients with the best integration process possible. From design to implementation, clients will experience the power of innovative medical technology, all with minimal disruption.

To learn more about Onyx Healthcare or to view our product catalog, visit http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com.

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