Onyx Healthcare To Showcase at Paramedic Chiefs of Canada Leadership Summit

Onyx Healthcare – the leading developer and manufacturer of innovative medical devices – recently returned from the 2017 Paramedic Chiefs of Canada Leadership Summit. The summit – which took place from June 7th to June 9th in Halifax, Nova Scotia – aimed to explore issues that are important to paramedics. Keynote speeches centered on different methods and programs designed to help advance the EMS profession.

At the summit, Onyx Healthcare was pleased to showcase their medical tablet designed specifically for EMS professionals – the 11.6” Rugged Medical Tablet. The tablet is designed to bring advanced healthcare technology straight to the patient’s location, wherever they may be. Instead of restraining EMS professionals with limited technologies, the Rugged Medical Tablet instantly connects paramedics with local hospitals and healthcare facilities. The tablet ensures that patients are getting the very best care as soon as the EMS professional is in attendance, thus increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

The 11.6” Rugged Medical Tablet features a twin hot-swappable battery, which enables a 24/7 run time that EMS professionals can rely on. This kind of reliability is vital for EMS professionals, who may be put in situations where they cannot spend time charging a medical device.

The Rugged Medical Tablet is designed to withstand roughs and tumbles, as it’s IP54 certified and can handle a drop of up to three feet. Again, EMS professionals who deal with multiple scenarios where things are moving at a frantic pace can feel confident that their medical tablets will keep up. Instant vehicle docking makes the tablet easy to use in ambulances and other medical vehicles, while dual smart card readers support multiple care flow.

The 11.6” Rugged Medical Tablet is certified for use in ambulances and medical vehicles.

To learn more about Onyx Healthcare’s line of products – including the 11.6” Rugged Medical Tablet for EMS professionals – visit http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com/products/12-rugged-medical-tablet-md-116/.

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