Onyx Healthcare Wins Prestigious Medtech Breakthrough Award!

As an innovative medical device developer and manufacturer, Onyx Healthcare has certainly received its fair share of awards. Now Onyx Healthcare is pleased to announce that they’ve received another prestigious award – the 2017 “Best Clinical Administration Hardware Device” award from Medtech Breakthrough!

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards are designed to honor innovators in the medical and healthcare technology fields. These Awards provide a public platform to the people, products, and companies that are continually changing the way the public receives healthcare. From revolutionary medical devices to healthcare entrepreneurs, the MedTech Breakthrough Awards ensures that the world knows just how much the healthcare and wellness industry is changing around the world.

The 2017 MedTech Breakthrough Awards received over 2,000 nominations from ten different countries around the world, making it one of the most competitive MedTech Breakthrough ceremonies yet. Winners were determined by a panel of technology experts, journalists, analysts, and healthcare experts.

Onyx Healthcare was named the winner of the “Best Clinical Administration Hardware Device” award, with emphasis placed on the VENUS Battery Powered Mobile IoT Nursing Workstation. This powerful telehealth workstation makes it possible for healthcare professionals to seamlessly deliver expert care without being constrained to a nursing station. Healthcare professionals can securely check patient charts, take notes, communicate directly with other medical professionals, and even communicate with patients via an integrated webcam.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by MedTech Breakthrough’s awards for our innovation in healthcare interoperability and telehealth technology,” stated John Chuang, President for Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc. “Our ultimate goal is to provide purpose-built medical technology solutions that enhance care quality, interoperability, clinical workflow efficiency, and patient satisfaction, and we are pleased with this industry recognitions in our quest to achieve that goal.”

To learn more about Onyx Healthcare’s award-winning VENUS Battery Powered Mobile IoT Nursing Workstation, visit their website at http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com/products/skylake-i7-telemedicine-venus-223/

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