The Innovative Medical Devices That Are Reshaping Healthcare

Pediatric ICU with ECG monitor on foreground

New breakthrough medical devices are reshaping healthcare. What’s more, many of these devices are focused on providing patients with the best care and experience possible – leading to a drastic drop in readmission rates.

Let’s take a look at the breakthrough medical technologies we’re most excited about:

  • Infortainment Terminals: These special tablets combine a diverse offering of entertainment – perfect for bed-ridden patients – with in-depth virtual access to medical records. This bedside companion is sleek, easy-to-use, and greatly reduces the number of errors in treating patients. Infortainment terminals give medical professionals quick and seamless access to a patient’s records from the nursing station and pharmacy, thus ensuring the best treatment possible.

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  • Telemedicine: Many hospitals have difficulties accessing top-tier specialists, especially if they’re located in a remote part of the country. With VOIP calling and video conferencing software, doctors can access specialists simply by calling them on a computer. This unprecedented access means doctors can provide patients with the best care possible, without being tied down by geographical locations. Telemedicine has also been shown to reduce hospital readmission rates, which is critical for providing the best patient experience possible.
  • Medical Tablets: Onyx Medical tablets most of the time are designed for shock, water, dust, and drop proofed, and more importantly ruggedized. The security on the units is also higher than regular tablets, and it has functions like 2D/3D barcode scanner, Smart Card reader, RFID, and Magnetic Strips Reader.

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