A Faster Way to Build an Intelligent Medical Device


Medical-diagnostic equipment room
Medical-diagnostic equipment room

For many medical device companies, success can only be achieved when they build a device that’s innovative and intelligent, all while meeting various regional regulatory requirements. These limitations meant that medical device companies would have to spend years – and thousands of dollars – on embedded computer design manufacturing. These needs took away valuable time, effort, and resources away from the product development and engineering process, which tacked years onto the process of creating a medical device.

That may explain why it took so long for medical devices to reflect the latest advances in computing technology. Fortunately, this phenomenon may be a thing of the past.

Onyx Healthcare: An Affordable Yet Innovative Solution

Medical device companies are saving valuable time and energy by outsourcing their embedded computer design needs to Onyx Healthcare, the leading solution for medically focused computer design manufacturing. Onyx Healthcare specializes in creating top-grade computing platforms that meet FDA and regional requirements, all while shortening a client’s design cycle.

What’s more, Onyx Healthcare can specialize computing platforms to a customer’s specific design needs. For example, if General Electric (GE) outsources their computer design requirements to Onyx, the resulting platform will be specific to GE’s needs – not anyone else’s.

The end result? A better medical device that’s made in less time, thus shortening the time to market and decreasing design costs.

How This Changes the Future of Healthcare

The implications of a service like Onyx Healthcare are profound. As a result of outsourcing this service, medical device manufacturers can focus all of their engineering resources on developing new and innovative technologies – technologies that have the potential to change the future of healthcare.

Additionally, these changes can be quickly brought to market without sacrificing on vital FDA requirements. Instead of three years (the typical time it takes to complete a medical device), new devices can be brought to market within 1 or even half a year. That means more hospitals can deliver high-quality for better outcomes.

To learn more about Onyx Healthcare and how this company is revolutionizing the medical device industry, visit http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com/ today!

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