Onyx Healthcare Explores: Higher Readmission Rates in US Hospitals

Onyx-Blog-Image-Mobile-EHR-Demands (1)Hospital readmission rates are steadily on the rise – and administrators are still trying to figure out why more patients are coming back to hospitals after being treated for their specific ailments. In fact, in an article published in the Oxford Journals, researchers claimed that “readmissions may be responsible for up to half of all hospital admissions.[1]

What’s more, these recurring patients can be a serious drain on a hospital’s revenue. The same article states that “repeated admissions may be responsible for up to 60% of hospital expenditure…it has also been suggested that repeated hospital admissions may promote dependency and lead to a self-perpetuating cycle often described as the ‘revolving door syndrome’ of readmissions.”[2]

Onyx Healthcare – the leading solution for medically focused computer design manufacturing – aims to explore and target sky-high readmissions rates, as well as identify potential solutions that hospitals can immediately put into place. These solutions include the following:

  • Provide a more personalized care experience. It’s been suggested that patients often return to hospitals because they didn’t get the best care possible the first time around. This could happen for any number of reasons, including lack of coordination between nurses and doctors. That’s why Onyx Healthcare has created multiple mobile EMR products designed to improve patient care. With these products, data is freed from the nurse’s station, thus improving patient care and hospital-wide communications.
  • Create a better patient experience. If patients get the proper care and attention they need during the first visit, they’re much less likely to be readmitted to the hospital. Medical devices that incorporate entertainment systems (like TV/on-demand videos) can keep patients calm and entertained during their stays, making it much less likely that they’ll be readmitted.
  • Get pharmaceutical medications right the first time around. Digital pharmacies represent the future – and Onyx Healthcare is leading the charge. By going digital, pharmacies can quickly see a patient’s medications and dosage, allowing for greater accuracy in filling out prescriptions. Onyx Healthcare has created a host of medical technology that makes it possible for hospital pharmacies to go digital.

To battle sky-high hospital readmission rates, it’s important to put the patient front and center. Only Onyx Healthcare medical technology meets the needs of the patient while fulfilling a hospital’s primary information and care gaps. To learn more about Onyx Healthcare, visit http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com/.

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