Technology: How It Aids the Future of Pharmacy Practice


Technology is revolutionizing the way patients and doctors communicate with one another. Now pharmacies can utilize innovative medical technologies, many of which designed to help facilitate a better patient experience at hospitals and clinics.

As technology becomes more sophisticated and intuitive, many pharmacists are fearful that automation and digitalization may eventually replace traditional pharmacy. However, there’s more evidence to support that pharmacy practices are poised to benefit from these technologies.

Pharmacists who may be resistant to using these technologies may want to catch on, as new products and systems have been developed to help improve the way pharmacists perform their job functions.

For example, new medical technologies could:

  • Facilitate better communication between doctors, hospitals, and pharmacists. With traditional prescription methods, it can be all too easy for a patient’s medications to get confused or lost. With new pharmaceutical technologies, pharmacists can quickly access a patient’s prescription, along with exact dosages and medical instructions.
  • Decrease mixed medications. A major challenge to pharmacies is checking and monitoring a patient’s multiple medications. With new medical technologies, patients can benefit from improved oversight, thus reducing the likelihood for allergic reactions, decreased efficacy, and more side effects.
  • Automate the medication dispensing process. Mixing and parceling medications can take up a huge chunk of time for pharmacists – time that could be spent providing more one-on-one time with patients. Technologies could automatically dispense medications, thus reducing the possibilities for human error.

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