Introducing The Ultimate EMS Medical Tablet

Onyx Healthcare, the leading innovator of telemedicine products and technologies, is pleased to announce the arrival of a new EMS medical tablet – one that’s designed to give life-saving assistance to emergency medical personnel regardless of wherever they might be.

The MD116 medical tablet was developed to optimize EMS processes for communicating and documenting patient information at lightning-fast speeds. No matter where EMS are located – be it in the city or in hard-to-reach rural areas – the MD116 tablet can transmit vital patient information to emergency medical facilities. The goal of the MD116 is to ensure that all patient information is available before a patient ever arrives at the emergency room, including:

  • Fast and Complete Communication of Comprehensive Information
  • Seamless Coordination between Dispatchers and Mobile Rescue Teams
  • Convenient Patient Data Delivery to the Hospital
  • Easy and Fast Documentation of Operations
  • Seamless Integration of Various Sources

This seamless flow of information creates a better patient care experience, where doctors and hospital staff can immediately get to work on lifesaving care as soon as the patient enters the facility.

As part of Onyx’s Rugged series, the MD116 is designed to withstand plenty of tough terrain. Hard casing ensures that the MD116 stands up to the tests of any situation, while dual SIM card slots to ensure multiple network carriers’ coverage for EMS to send data through any communication medium.

Other features of the MD116 tablet include:

  • 11.6” durable screen
  • Dual hot-swappable batteries for 24/7 run time
  • IP54 certified
  • Drop resistant up to three feet
  • Instant vehicle docking
  • Dual smart cad readers
  • And more!

To learn more about Onyx Healthcare and we’re transforming the way patients receive life-saving care before they even step foot in a hospital, visit http://usa.onyx-healthcare.com/ today.

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