How 4K Imagery and DICOM Are Aiding the Healthcare Industry

If you walk down any store aisle that features television screens, smartphones, or cameras, you might see a wealth of terms indicating that the visual components of these pieces of tech are absolutely stunning. TV screens featuring advanced 4K content and smartphones capable of displaying crystal-clear pixels are now all the rage.

As Technology advances, more digital technologies are starting to replace the traditional medical materials. Radiology is one of the departments in this case.

Many healthcare professionals are now leading the initiative for featuring 4K imagery, as well as advancing information-sharing among healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics. One such initiative – DICOM (Data Interchange Standard for Biomedical Imaging) – has the singular goal of making modern radiological imaging possible which include standardize medical image calibration for digital images. DICOM standards have several innovative benefits, which include:

  • Ensuring correct monitors and digital files calibration
  • Ensuring medical images will appear exactly the same visually on any device as long as they are DICOM supported
  • Enhancing communication among healthcare providers
  • Speeding up the time it takes to implement healthcare systems
  • Improving efficiency of how patient information is transmitted and used

So how does 4K imagery play a role in this recent DICOM initiative? Simple – 4K imagery is designed to be high-density resolution that it delivers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. If this doesn’t astound you, consider this: 4K resolution is 4 times denser than Full HD in the same size.

Now just image that kind of imagery being used in a healthcare setting. Instead of grainy and fuzzy digital images, healthcare providers are able to see much more detail when zooming in on specific parts of an image. There’s no more blurring, which makes it easier for healthcare professionals to quickly identify and define key parts of the image.

Combining 4K resolution and DICOM calibration, radiology becomes digitalize which mean healthcare providers can transmit this information to other healthcare professionals without sacrificing the accuracy of the medical images. This technology will easier to replace light box and x-ray files.

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