Onyx Healthcare On the Forefront of the Digital Pharmacy

Traditional pharmacies are limited by access to patient records; pharmacists often rely on slow communication processes – like faxes – to provide patients with their medication. What’s more, pharmacies aren’t provided as in-depth knowledge about a patient’s health, making it possible for pharmacists to unknowingly create a dangerous mix of medications.

That’s why Onyx Healthcare – the premier solution for medically focused computer design manufacturing – is pleased to announce a line of new technologies designed to create a digital pharmacy. This development is part of its Smart Connected Hospital initiative, where Onyx technologies help streamline communication, enhance quality of patient care, and improve hospital readmission rates.

The digital pharmacy combines the best ideas regarding medicine, teleconferencing, and educational information. Patients who come to pharmacies are often unsure of how to make empowered decisions about their care; that greatly increases the likelihood that they’ll return to the hospital for care, especially if they’re not properly taking their medication. Higher readmission rates costs money for hospitals, as well as lead to investigations and fines from government bodies.

That’s why teleconferencing in the pharmacy can help improve patient care while empowering their ability to maximize their recovery processes. A private room with a computer screen can display a patient’s health information, while a web cam, share screens, and lightening-fast Internet speeds can connect patients to pharmacists, doctors, specialists, and other Digital Pharmacy .

To help highlight their innovations within Digital Pharmacy technologies, Onyx Healthcare will be presenting at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) industry conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from February 29th to March 4th, 2016. Attendees can learn more about their Digital Pharmacy initiative, as well as discover the Smart Connected Hospital model that Onyx is promoting through their product innovations.

Learn more about Onyx Healthcare and their products by visiting http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com/.

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