Onyx Healthcare is Leading the Charge in Healthcare IT Security

In early 2016, an unauthorized third party hacked into Brigham and Women’s Hospital patient database, compromising over 1000 patients’ medical records. The hackers succeeded in this data breach by hacking an employee’s login information, making it possible for them to access patient contact information, social security numbers, medical records, and more. The data hack came less than 18 months after an employee’s computer was stolen in an armed robbery at the same location.

Such incidents underline why healthcare IT security is so important within hospitals, medical clinics, and any location that deals with sensitive patient information. As a result, Onyx Healthcare is leading the charge in healthcare IT security by developing new product innovations dedicated to protect hospital records against unauthorized use.

Onyx Healthcare looks beyond simple data encryption to innovative solutions designed to keep hackers and identity thieves locked out. For example, Onyx Healthcare computer units for the operating room are developed using highly secure and compatible with third-party security solutions. Onyx primarily works with Intel Security for software encryption.

This compatibility not only aligns with HIPAA compliance; it also provides vital protection for hospitals, as hackers can easily steal patient information from subpar hospital computer systems. Regardless of whether computers are physically stolen or merely accessed by a third-party, these security solutions make it possible for hospitals and medical clinics to keep their most sensitive data safe.

In addition to these innovations, Onyx Healthcare also uses both the RFID and the Smart Card readers for controlled access to important hospital information. The RFID is a contactless computer chip reader technology making it possible for employees to access the hospital itself, along with computers and hospital technology. Conversely, the Smart Card readers also contain a chip but requires direct contact to connect to make it possible for healthcare professionals to control access to information. Should any of these cards be stolen, employers can immediately deactivate the card to prevent a security breach.

Onyx Healthcare will be showcasing their IT healthcare security solutions at several military trade shows this spring, including the GovTech 2016 Department of Defense Spring Series. This major trade show will be held on April 7th at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Norfolk, Virginia.

Learn more about Onyx Healthcare and their products by visiting http://www.onyxhealthcareusa.com/.

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