18.5″ Bedside Infotainment Touch monitor (ONYX-BE381)


The 18.5″ Bedside Infotainment Touch monitor (ONYX-BE381) is a great addition or renewal part of the revolutionary, 18” All-In-One Beside Infotainment (ONYX-BE181).

Product Features

  • HD video quality with HDMI input
  • 18.5 Wide Color TFT LCD Touch Monitor Light Weight
  • PCT Touch for supporting Multi-Touch
  • USB interface to host computer
  • Light Weight at 3.2kg
  • Wire Remote Control w/ handset Function
  • VOIP Phone, Web Camera, High Quality Speakers, MSR
  • Smart Card Reader / MSR
  • Reading Light
  • Alarm LED controlled thru USB
  • Extension Features: RFID, Smart Card Reader, Barcode scanner
  • EN60601-1 / UL 60601-1


  • Patient Ward
  • Long Term Care Facility
  • Pharmacy
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