Surgical Platform Controller

The Zeus series is designed to optimize surgical, high-performance requirements in the Operating Room (OR), the Emergency Department (ED), the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and the Reading Room of any top-notch hospital. Specifically designed for the best medical performance procedures, the Zeus includes impressive features to facilitate practitioners’ need and patient recovery. The Outlying Ports are beneficial in linking any medical device that is directly attached to the patient and the Smart View Medical Station is great in assist physicians in precisely examining PAC, EMR, and ENDO images. The Zeus’ impressive and reliable speed is especially important in executing procedures and communicating and transmitting information within a hospital’s inner departments and within all the hospital’s interrelated industries, thus saving time and money to focus on real priorities—saving lives. This high-resolution medical computer accurately mirrors the intricacies of our bodies—perfect for reflecting the details X-rays and MRIs deserve. With our focus of medical equipment, we specifically design the Zeus series to address the needs of portability and usability. This powerful, antimicrobial and germ-resistant computer is also portable, contains LED backlight for the dimly light radiology department, is fan-less for the prevention of the spread of detrimental microorganisms, and is waterproof (IP-65 certified) and alcohol-wipe safe. Additionally, there is the recommended option of including a built-in backup battery—a perfect prevention for a strong disaster recovery plan.